Do I Need Counseling?

I 100% believe that everyone, individuals and couples, can benefit from counseling. It doesn’t have to be because of some huge, traumatic event that occurred, although it definitely can be. There are countless benefits that come from having someone professionally trained to help you talk things out, point out truth, and reveal maladaptive thought patterns.

5 Ways That Counseling Can Benefit You:

-        Expand your support system

-        Improve your relationships through increased authenticity and vulnerability

-        Learn how to identify emotions and effectively communicate them to others

-        Connect with your values and identify ways to live these out

-        Explore past hurts or heal from past experiences

Disclaimer: This should never take the place of authentic community; progress and life change don’t happen in isolation. But, a licensed professional can be an addition to your current community, or a method of finding a support system. If you are interested in taking the first step, or need a referral, I would love to connect with you! 😊

Kristen Cairns