Anxiety in the Face of the Election

Today is voting day for midterm elections. For many, this brings up a lot of emotions… Anticipation, fear, anxiety, excitement, resolve, hope. This election has already had unpresented voter turnout. We all have issues that we feel strongly about, that influence our stance. But what I am seeing overwhelmingly on social media, from friends, and from clients is an anxiety and a fear about the election. Are we safe from guns and violence? Are our unborn babies valued and recognized as human? Are those seeking refuge in America given a fair chance for a better life? Are all people valued, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, political beliefs, nationality? Fear. Uncertainty. Anxiety. So, a couple thoughts on today.

-Our anxiety will not change the outcome of this election.

-Until Jesus is a candidate, we will not have a perfect leader as an option.

-Your vote matters. A candidate won’t win by one vote, but your vote is a stance for your convictions, and that matters.

-Take care of your mental health. If you notice yourself spiraling in the “doom and gloom” thoughts, talk to a friend or get help!

Kristen CairnsComment