Cultivating Authentic Relationships, pt. 1

[[Recognizing the Inauthentic]]

We all want real, authentic relationships. We all want to be seen, understood, and loved unconditionally. It’s part of being human- we are made for and crave connection. But as much as social media connects us, it can also make authentic relationships hard, because everyone’s life looks perfect.

We see our friend’s beautiful vacations, loving boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, huge group of friends, cute outfits, perfect skin. What we don’t see: the fight they got in with their parents the night before, the drama in their friend group, the 10 outfits they tried on to pick that one, the Instagram filter that makes their skin look more glowy than it really is.

If we are constantly comparing our REAL lives against everyone else’s edited, picture perfect moments, it’s no wonder why we struggle so much with comparison.

So, step 1. Recognize that what you see on social media isn’t always accurate. Notice the accounts or people who bring up a feeling of “I’m not enough.”

Step 2. This might sound crazy, but unfollow those accounts. (Really, why are you following them?! To feel miserable and less-than every time you see it? Nope. No thank you. Not healthy.)

Step 3. Recognize the people who are authentic and real about their lives. Move towards these people.

Kristen Cairns