Ten Things I’ve Learned This Year (on my birthday)

1. You can’t please everyone and you have to be ok with that.

2. We all make mistakes. Learning to own and apologize for them is key to healthy relationships. Grace upon grace.

3. Sleep and coffee are essential.

4. Emotions are a thermometer and a signal, but they aren’t always accurate.

5. Having a job that you love and look forward to is such a gift.

6. Family are the people who will always be there for you, even when it’s hard or inconvenient. Find those people. (Side note: Family can be of your choosing, not necessarily by birth)

7. When you find your people, love them. Tell them how much they mean to you. Don’t take the relationships for granted.

8. When I’m not living in line with my values, it throws off everything else. Spirituality first and foremost, then the others.

9. 6am is so good. A quiet house, hot coffee, Bible, journal…it’s my new favorite time.

10. Uncertainty does not have to equal anxiety. Change CAN be exciting and good, even when it’s scary.

What lessons have you learned this year?!

Kristen Cairns