New TV show: “Insatiable”

You may have heard about the new Netflix TV show called Insatiable, coming out on Netflix soon. The premise is that a “former fat girl” has an accident, gets her mouth wired shut for the summer, loses a bunch of weight, and comes back to high school to “get revenge” on everyone who used to bully her.

As an eating disorder specialist, this is concerning. Really concerning. What message does this send to teenage girls? Being fat is bad, and losing weight is good? Girls are hearing this message EVERYWHERE in our society…and it’s not okay. It’s a dangerous message with far-reaching implications.

A TV show that promotes not eating (i.e. calorie restriction, a diagnostic criteria for anorexia) as a “good” way of losing weight and ultimately having a better life…this is selling girls a lie, and it’s dangerous. Eating disorders are not glamorous, despite what media continues to portray.

Some of you may have watched the show “Red Band Society,” or the more recent “13 Reasons Why.” These shows were incredibly triggering to some people, due to the glamorized way that eating disorders, depression, suicidality, and mental health were/are portrayed. So please, be mindful of what you’re watching. If you know that you’re susceptible to triggers, or are already struggling with body image or an eating disorder, consider not watching, or asking a friend or family member to watch and process it with you.  

Kristen CairnsComment