"New Year, New Me"

Happy New Year! The beginning of a new year can bring so many emotions- excitement of new possibilities, disappointment of unmet expectations, or a desire for change. This desire to “better ourselves” often plays out in “new years resolutions.” People joke about how annoyingly crowded gyms are in January and February…but for those with a predisposition towards disordered eating, this time of year can be the trigger. I have had countless clients whose stories begin with “I just wanted to get healthier.”

Maybe that’s how it started for you too.

Or maybe that’s what you’re telling yourself right now.

So what is a healthy new years resolution? Personally, I don’t believe in making them. I think the mindset plays into black and white/all or nothing thinking. You can make a change at any point- there is nothing magical about Jan. 1. But, if you DO want to make a resolution…make it focused on your values. Make a resolution to be more present with your family, more intentional with your friendships, more spontaneous with traveling, more connected with your faith. NOT to get “more fit,” to wear a certain size, to eat “healthier.” Maybe this is the year that you commit to your mental health or your sobriety! That’s a resolution I can 100% support.

Happy 2019!! I am beyond thankful for my growing family, the courage to step into new career paths, and my incredible, inspiring clients.

Kristen CairnsComment