What is Self-Esteem and Why Does It Matter?

Self Esteem. Comparison. Value.

I’m speaking at a conference in a couple months, and the theme is self-esteem and empowerment. Ever since I got asked to speak, I’ve been thinking about what would be helpful. Then funny enough, the same topic has come up multiple times this week in my sessions. Comparison. Feeling less-than and unworthy because someone else is thinner/more fit/prettier/more successful.

Guess what? Someone will always be. Those labels are not where your worth lies.

You. Are. Valuable. Period.

Not because you are thin or pretty or successful (although you may be all of those things)… but because you have inherent worth and value.

See, self-esteem doesn’t mean thinking that you are amazing and perfect and have no faults. Self-esteem is recognizing that you are worthy despite them. No matter what. Believing that you are lovable without doing anything, absolutely anything, to earn it.

And that confidence…it’s worth fighting for.

“You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.” -Brene Brown

Kristen CairnsComment